Derails Pavillon

Derails pavillon

For The Wrong biennale n°5, I created a pavillion with Alice Lenay and Damien Beyrouthy. This pavillion tends to give a space to awesome contemporary artists working around the question of the deviation in the digital era.


Informations :

What brings us together is (broadly) the question of the deviation of point(s) of view(s) in the digital era. For us, this is related to the device, to the production of thought and culture by digital tools and the human relation inside. Touched by the wrong, we are interested in what derails, what deviates, the chains of elusive associations, misunderstandings, over-interpretations. For the curatorial approach, we choose the chain and her possible deviations to put in light how these points of view move. To do so, each of us invited an artist who invited another one. 

A special thanks goes to all the awesome artists of this pavillon Annie Abrahams, Marion Balac, Damien Beyrouthy, Vincent Ciciliato, Lucile Haute, Tomek Jarolin, Carine Klonowski, Alice Lenay, Julie Morel, Kevin Niemeskern.

We are preparing a workshop that aims to be a 24H livestream on Saturday 12th February.